Fish feeder of "Reflex" type KR-1,5

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Fish feeder of "Reflex" type KR-1,5 is designed for feeding fish in ponds used for growing fish. The feeder is serially supplied as a two-hopper version, it is possible to manufacture and to supply the feeder in one-hopper version.

The feeder can be used during the spring-summer-autumn season in a temperate climate area.

Load-carrying capacity, no more, kg. 1500
Unladen weight, no more, kg. 1200
Overall dimensions, m:
- Length 6,8
- Width 2,3
- Height without feed rods 1,75
Preservation of the feed upon delivery to the feeding place, % 98
The completeness of hopper unloading without tertiary treatment, % 99
Availability factor, no less 0,99
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