The mowing machine for bulrush removal LK-12A

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The mowing machine for bulrush removal LK-12A is designed for bulrush removal under the water in the reservoirs used to grow fish as well as in national parks. It consists of a body of the boat, a cutting device located behind the head of the boat, power plant (walk behind tractor system with a single-cylinder gasoline engine "Honda"), cardan drive (produced in Italy), paddle wheels, steering gear.

Boat control is exercised by steering wheel, a system of levers and two twin rudders. Mowing of aquatic vegetation is carried out both horizontally and vertically. The construction of the mowing machine provides adjusting of mowing depth of up to 1 m. The machine is equipped with an awning to protect the operator from direct sun rays and precipitation.

The mowing machine can be used in a temperate climate area.

Water gauge, m. 0,22
Working width, m. 2,1
Overall dimensions, m:
- Length 5,56
- Width 2,2
- Height 1,05
Weight, kg. 1050
Operating speed, km/h 4,0
Engine power, kW 9,0
Efficiency, t/h 0,2...0,6
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