Duplex mounted grass-mowing machine KD-165

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The mounted grass-mowing machine with a duplex cutting device is designed for mowing sown and natural grasses with laying the mowed mass in a swath. The mower can be used for grass mowing on slopes and embankments. The grass-mowing machine is aggregated with the multifunctional agricultural tractors or universal cultivating tractors of 0.9-1.4 class with a three-point rear mounted device.

The main difference between a grass-mowing machine with a duplex cutting device and a grass-mowing machine with a segmented approach cutting device is that the tools of the cutting device are fixed to it on the back of the tool bar and produce a reciprocating movement towards the segments driven by the crankshaft. Such construction of the cutting device allows to increase the cutting speed twice at the same turnovers on the driven pulley, which allows to get a cleaner cut of the grass. In addition, the reciprocating movement of the tools provides the ability of mowing lodged and wet grass.

Duplex cutting device allows to increase the speed of the tractor up to 15 km/h with an excellent quality of the mowing which sufficiently increases the efficiency.

The drive of the cutting device is made on the silent blocks, which ensures the softness and noiseless operation of the grass-mowing machine.

The grass-mowing machine has a changed construction of the field board which does not allow the mowing grass to be unloaded on the board, even when the grass is laid down.

The fastening of the bar and knife to the drive mechanism is quick-detachable, which facilitates the work of the maintenance staff in replacing segments and tools.

Effective width, m.
Working overall dimensions, m.:
- length
- width
- height
Transport overall dimensions, m.:
- length
- width
- height
Efficiency, ha/h:
main time
up to 2,3
exploitation time
up to 1,6
Operating speed, km/h
up to 15
Transport speed, km/h
up to 25
Drawbar category of the tractor
Weight, kg.
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