Segment-finger grass-mowing machine KS-160

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The grass-mowing machine is designed for mowing sown and natural (wild) herbs with laying the mowed mass in swath. It can also be used for mowing down.

Distinctive features:

  • the presence of a double copy system;
  • in comparison with analogues, the grass-mowing machine has a more reliable frame and beam of the cutting device, the efficiency of the safety device is increased;
  • the grass-mowing machine frame is made up of square tubes, which significantly increases its strength and ensures the easiness of manufacture;
  • the beam of the cutting device is made up of spring steel and made in the form of a spring, which increases its strength and eliminates the bending of the beam;
  • the fastening of the beam of the cutting device to the inner tool is changed, which eliminates the weakening of the fastening during operation of the grass-mowing machine;
  • the finger bar consists of fourteen double fingers attached to a strip of steel 60S2A. Fingers have two cutting edges - upper and lower. Fastening a finger to a bar with two bolts ensures the reliability of their fastening. Fingers have a pointed toe, which eliminates the laying of a laid grass.
  • the changed outer tool excludes clogging with the mowed grass;
  • fastening the bracket of the driving pulley to the frame eliminates the skew of the driving pulley and provides the convenience of adjusting the tension of the belts;
  • the design of the traction rod has been changed;
  • the design of the connecting rod eliminates the cantilever mounting it to the knife of the cutting device;
  • the grass-mowing machine has a finger cutting device - with a special knife of the SHUMACHER type;
  • a cutting device with fingers of the SHUMACHER type reduces the cutting force, provides a high cutting speed and a low cut, preventing the root system from being broken while mowing perennial and wild herbs and also positively affects the growth of herbs;
  • the design of the fingers provides reliable fastening them on the beam and eliminates the adjustment of the gaps between the segments and fingers;
  • a finger of the SHUMACHER type has several advantages differing from other traditional forged fingers: thanks to a closed construction made of high-quality steel, it improves resistance to impacts from all sides, increasing the stability of the entire cutting system (for example, against stone impacts); improved edges of the cut and its lintels, as well as the rounded shape of the finger (the presence of a large opening providing a large space for the through flow of mowed grass mass and stems) facilitates the passage of the mass of the cut; the two cutting edges of the finger have very hard and wear-resistant surfaces, which increases the cutting performance and contributes to a balanced stroke of the knife. As a result, the fingers serve for a very long time, cutting force is reduced, power consumption is significantly reduced;
  • the knife consists of the back of the knife, head and segments. The back of the knife is made of calibrated strip steel. The segments and the head are riveted to it. A swivel bearing is secured to the bore of the knife head. Because fingers have upper and lower cutting edges, the segments are riveted alternately up and down with the cutting edge. This manufacturing of the cutting apparatus stabilizes the knife in a vertical plane;
  • the back of the knife is assembled from segments secured by conical gear bolts and from the back with lock nuts, which provide a reliable and long connection.
  • press-in nuts are in the head of the knife and are fastened to the back of the knife by means of bolts;
  • bolts and nuts make it easy to assemble a knife in the workplace and quickly replace a broken segment in the field.
Effective width, m.
Working overall dimensions, m.:
- length
- width
- height
Transport overall dimensions, m.:
- length
- width
- height
Efficiency, ha/h:
main time
up to 1,75
exploitation time
up to 1,2
Operating speed, km/h
Transport speed, km/h
up to 30
Drawbar category of the tractor
Weight, kg.
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