Move with the times

Time does not stand still, and agricultural machinery must meet the new agri requirements.
This is what innovation is for.
The machine for applying liquid organic fertilizers MJT-F-6-2 is based on a fundamentally new approach to the device of the running system.
A distinctive feature of the MZhT-F-6-2 is a spring running suspension on low-pressure tires, due to which:
Increases the smoothness of the machine;
Decreased pressure on the ground
Increases the patency of equipment in conditions of soft, moist soil;
Reduced impact load on the tractor.
An additional bonus is the galvanized tank, which allows to operate with aggressive liquids and eliminates the occurrence of corrosion.
You can see the MJT-F-6-2 with a modernized running suspension at the BELAGRO international agricultural exhibition from 7 to 11 June.