A bet on versatility

And this is not an exaggeration when it comes to the machine for the introduction of pulverized chemical ameliorants - MSHH-9. Mineral fertilizers, dolomite flour, lime, whitewash - everything is within the power of MSHH-9.

Do you want to reduce soil acidity, improve soil health, increase the efficiency of fertilizers, and increase yields? Add dolomite flour and lime. If you have heavy clay soils, then dolomite flour is applied every year, on lighter soils you can use it once every 2-4 years.

MSHH-9 produced by BOBRUISKAGROMASH is the right machine for these purposes.

The range of dolomite flour and lime application is from 300 kg to 6 t / ha. The volume of the bunker is 10 cubic meters. Application dose tables included. 2 types of working bodies: auger rods and "plates". Auger rods increase placement accuracy. In case of high humidity of amelioration, which does not allow using the rods, it is possible to introduce it with the help of a centrifugal spreading body - "plates". The machine is equipped with windproof aprons. Less dust during work, and this is only a plus for the environment.

Application width - 8-10 m. Working speed - 6-10 km / h. It is aggregated with tractors of the 3rd traction class and higher. The spreader operation is controlled without leaving the tractor cab!

Applying MSHH-9, you get:

  • reduced time for fertilizing - saving wages;
  • reduced number of field passes - savings on fuel and lubricants;
  • reduction of the fertilizer fleet due to the larger volume and versatility of the spreader.

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