Contracts worth $75m signed at Belarus-Kazakhstan business forum

Contracts worth $75m signed at Belarus-Kazakhstan business forum
Contracts worth $75 million were signed at the Belarus-Kazakhstan business forum in Nur-Sultan, Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vladimir Ulakhovich.
“Our economies complement each other. Kazakhstan runs government programs Digital Kazakhstan and programs to promote the manufacturing sector. We have retained our substantial industrial capacities. Cooperation should go beyond trade. We should set up joint ventures, promote localization of production and train personnel for it. Most importantly, Belarus and Kazakhstan can jointly enter markets of third countries,” Vladimir Ulakhovich said.
All in all, 14 documents were signed during the forum, most of them in the mechanical engineering industry. For example, BelAZ signed an agreement on joint manufacturing with AstanaBelazService K; Gomselmash and Agromashholding KZ signed an agreement on product sales; Bobruiskagromash Holding Company and AgroBusinessKazakhstan and Aksuat agreed on product supplies. Minsk Tractor Works signed four agreements on joint manufacturing with Kazakhstan Agro Innovation Corporation, Trading House Belarusian Tractor, SemAZ and Komposit Group Kazakhstan. A similar document was signed by Minsk Automobile Plant and HyundaiTransAuto.
In addition to that, agreements in the pharmaceutical industry and food industry were signed during the business forum. Borisov Pharmaceutical Plant signed a contract with AMITI International. Rogachev Milk Canning Plant will sell its products to RPV-Trade. According to Vladimir Ulakhovich, more documents can be signed during a business match-making session that will take place in Nur-Sultan soon.