Tractor dump semi-trailer PSTB-12

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Tractor semi-trailer PSTB-12 designed for transportation of various agricultural goods, grain, root vegetables with unloading on both sides.

A distinctive feature of trailers of series PSTB compared with trailer series of PST is a lateral unloading of cargo.

As a basic configuration, tractor semi-trailer PSTB-12 is equipped with a device for emergency evacuation at the rear side. At the same time, this device does not have outputs of the brake system drive, hydraulic lift control drive and electrical equipment.

Upon request of a consumer, semi-trailer PSTB-12 can be equipped with towing devices manufactured by MAZ and Sharmuller, providing the ability to aggregate a three-link road train as part of: tractor of 5,0 traction class + PSTB-12 + PSTB-17. To use this road train is possible only on farm roads without access to public roads.

Load carrying capacity, t.
Capacity of the body, m3
Overall dimensions, m.:
- Length
- Width
- Height
Weight, t.
Transport speed, km/h
Tipping angle, degree, no less than
Drawbar category of the tractor
Drawbar device
Tractor dump semi-trailer PSTB-12
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