Disc mounted plough PND-3

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Disc mounted plough PND-3 is designed for soil treatment to a depth of 25...30 cm of strong dried, dry strong sintering soils susceptible to clod formation and soils littered with wood residues as well as soils with the presence of tree roots. The plough can be also used for plowing of waterlogged, heavy-textured soils, soils with a coalescence with a resistivity of up to 1,3 kg/cm2., plowing of logged-off forest sections, termination of siderites.

The plow design allows deep plowing in conditions of high humidity in severely restricted areas, including small ones having engineering irrigation systems. Small dimensions of the plough, mounted construction allows the soil to be cultivated and the plough to be moved to different plowing sections without destroying of engineering and irrigation facilities.

The plough can be aggregated with tractors of 1,4 class ("Belarus 520" for ploughs PND-2 and PND-3 and "Belarus 820" for all other ploughs) by drawbar device NU-2.

To increase the coefficient of tractor pulling force, the plough can be equipped with an additional rack with a disc installed on the provided bracket on the plough frame.

Working width, m.
Maximum processing depth, cm.
Distance between discs, no more, mm.
Number of discs, pcs.
Thickness of discs, mm.
Diameter of discs, mm.
Overall dimensions, m:
- Length
- Width
- Height
Weight, mo more, kg.
Speed, km/h:
- Operating
up to 10
- Transport
up to 25
Drawbar category of the tractor
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