7-bodied mounted plough PGP-7-40-3

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7-bodied mounted plough PGP-7-40-3 is designed for plowing of old arable, low stoned and medium stoned soils. The plough can operate on all types of soil with a moisture of cultivated layer of up to 23%, A stubble and grass stand of up to 20 cm. and a slope of the field surface of up to 80 cm. The body with a half-screw dump-ploughshare surface serves for wrapping and crumbling the soil layer.

The shoot is designed to improve processing of plant residues. It consists of a dump, bracket, mounting parts and can be installed in two positions depending on the height of the vegetation. The mechanism for regulation of the depth of plowing is used to set, adjust and maintain the depth of plowing during plow operation. Lowering or raising the wheel is carried out by rotating the screw handle. There are marks on the rack for the approximate installation of the depth of plowing by the position of the mark at the level of the upper edge of the holder.

The plough is equipped with a pneumohydraulic protection system. When hitting an obstacle, the body along with the bed rotates around the pin and oil displaced from the hydraulic cylinder enters the accumulator through the oil pipe and compresses the gas and increases its potential energy. After overcoming the obstacle, under the action of compressed gas, the plunger of the hydraulic cylinder moves backward, due to it the body returns to its original position.

Working width, m.
Maximum processing depth, cm.
Number of bodies, pcs.
Efficiency of shift time, ha/h
Overall dimensions, m:
- Length
- Width
- Height
Weight of empty plough, kg.
Type of hydraulic and pneumatic accumulator (PHA)
PHA gas chamber working consistence
technical argon
Capacity of PHA, liters.
Drawbar category of the tractor
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