The machine for cassava harvesting

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Machine for cassava harvesting operates on the principle "dig and pull". With its help it is possible to exercise harvesting grown both on slopes and in the fields. The distance between the rows is adjustable from 800 mm. to 1400 mm. The machine is designed to replace the physically hard cassava harvesting works.

The use of the machine for cassava harvesting provides the following advantages:

  1. Reduction the total costs of production process;
  2. Increasing the labor productivity;
  3. A significant reduction in losses and damages during the cassava harvesting;
  4. Efficiency 2-3 ha during 8 hours.

Principle of operation:

The cassava rootstock is blown up with a special knife and then it is captured and thrown back by a conveyor mechanism. Gear drive is carried out by tractor's hydraulic system.

The machine for cassava harvesting is hung on the rear hanging system and is adjustable in depth:

  1. as a ploughshare puller: without conveyor, only a plough for cassava digging to the soil surface;
  2. as a ploughshare puller with a conveyor: plough + conveyor - a plough digs cassava up and a conveyor grabs a plant, shakes the ground from the roots of it and throws to the soil surface;
  3. as a ploughshare puller with a conveyor in a set with a mini platform - storage device with a running system (option 1) or without it (option 2).

Overall dimensions, mm:
- Length 2550
- Width 1450
- Height 1800
Working width, mm. 850 or 1000
Working depth (max), mm. 350 or 400
Distance between the rows, mm. 800...1400
Operating speed, km/h 2,4...4,1
Hydraulic system pressure , MPa, kg/cm2 13...16 (130...160)
Required tractor power, kW (h/p) 55...73 (75...100)
Efficiency, ha/h 0,2...0,37
Weight, kg. 650
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