Round baler PR-F-180M

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Round baler PR-F-180M
Round baler PR-F-180M
Round baler PR-F-180M
Round baler PR-F-180M
Round baler PR-F-180M
Round baler PR-F-180M
Round baler PR-F-180M

The round baler PR-F-180M is designed for picking up rolls of hay or straw with simultaneous pressing into rolls and then wrapping them with polypropylene twine.

The PR-F-180M baler is recommended for harvesting hay from annual and perennial crops cultivated in pure form and in mixed crops both on arable land and on meadow lands and cultivated hayfields, as well as straw from cereal crops (barley, wheat, rye).

The PR-F-180M baler forms rolls in a constant volume pressing chamber under the influence of an endless chain-rolling conveyor, which ensures the safety of feed from self-heating in the cross section of the forging due to the loose core, and good sealing of subsequent layers.

The strapping mechanism provides three options for step-by-step placement of twine on the outer surface of the roll to ensure reliable sealing of its ends, which makes it possible to economically consume polypropylene twine depending on the use of rolls for feeding or bedding, as well as on the methods of loading, transportation and storage.

Sections are provided for the installation of twine bobbins in the box, the number of which ensures the operation of the machine during the working day.

The PR-F-180M baler is an upgraded version of the basic model (PR-F-180) by implementing the following technical solutions:

- increased stiffness of the picker's hanging springs to improve copying of the microrelief of the field;

- unified fittings made on high-tech equipment are used in the hydraulic system;

- a throttle with a check valve is introduced into the hydraulic system, which reduces the lifting time of the rear chamber when unloading the formed roll;

- instead of metal pipelines, high-pressure hoses with a conditional passage of 8mm and rubberized clamps have been introduced, which increases the reliability and manufacturability of the structure, its maintainability;

- a removable ladder has been introduced, which increases the transportability of the baler;

- improved the manufacturing quality of the spring teeth of the picker due to the use of specialized equipment, which made it possible to eliminate the teeth hitting the ramps and increase their reliability;

- improved the design of the baler due to the use of original sticky applications and plastic anti-rollback stops;

- improved the quality of manufacturing plastic products through the use of high-tech equipment;

- the intermediate support of the drive from the tractor power take-off shaft to the gearbox has been replaced with a cardan shaft with a safety clutch (shear bolt).

Installation is provided as separate options on the PR-F-180M baler:

- euroloops;

- rubberized support wheels of the picker with a rim widened by one and a half times;

- tires 13.0/75-16;

- a plastic tube for storing documents;

- side flaps on the picker, eliminating the "rubbing" of them when the extreme spring teeth are working;

- a tying device with a manual drive for feeding twine.

Technical specifications



Pick-up width, m


Overall dimensions, m:

- length      


- width


- height


Weight, t   


The speed of rotation of the tractor power take-off shaft, min-1


Roll sizes, m:

- diameter  


- length      


Roll weight, kg:  

- on the hay        


- on the straw     


Operating speed, km/h


Productivity per hour of the main time, t, not less


Tractor, traction class  


Type of tractor tow hitch      


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