Round baler PR-F-145H

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Round baler PR-F-145H
Round baler PR-F-145H
Round baler PR-F-145H
Round baler PR-F-145H

Round baler is designed for picking up and compressing of hay and straw into round bales with subsequent twine winding.

Round baler PR-F-145H is a modernized version of the round baler PR-F-145 by increasing the working width of the baler and pressing density in order to adapt to the conditions of increased productivity of roughage and the effective width of the headers of combine harvesters.

The round baler is a semi-trailer machine and consists of a constant-volume compression chamber, a drawbar with a coupling loop, a base of a two-wheel chamber, a picking-up mechanism, mechanical and hydraulic drives of the working tools, compression mechanism and electrical equipment. The baler is equipped with an alarm system and remote control of the mechanisms.

Advantages of round baler PR-F-145H:

  • Due to the increase in the width of the pick-up mechanism to 1.9 m, picking-up of wider windrows is ensured;

  • Reducing the distance between the picking tools from 88 mm (PR-F-145) to 54 mm allows to reduce losses during picking-up of hay or straw;

  • Reducing the diameter of the picking-up mechanism allows to reduce a load on the picking-up tools and subsequently to increase their durability;

  • An additional roller installed behind the picking-up mechanism improves a bale formation;

  • An installed compression mechanism with a large number of slats ensures the formation of a denser bale.

Effective width, m.
Overall dimensions, m.:
- length
- width
- height
Bale dimensions, m.:
- diameter
- length
Weight, t.
Bale weight, kg.:
- hay
- straw
Operating speed, km/h
Efficiency, t/h
Drawbar category of the tractor
Hitch device
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