Branch APC Beresnevsky

In 2007, the agricultural town of Borovitsa was introduced, which is located 12 km from the regional center of Kirovsk. 350 thousand rubles were invested in the development of the agro-town.
Today in the agro-town production facilities are located - a dairy farm for 576 heads, a grain mill, a machine yard. The objects of social and cultural life are functioning: a school, a nursery garden, a feldsher-midwife station, a rural House of Culture, a library, a comprehensive reception center, 2 shops, a post office.
The main activities in animal husbandry are the production of milk and meat, in crop production - grain, rape.
The availability of agricultural land is 3801 ha, of which arable land - 2421 ha. The farm has a dairy farm for 500 heads of cows with loose housing and milking in the milking parlor, a dairy farm for 180 cows with milking in the milk pipeline, 2 farms for growing and fattening young cattle. There are 23 tractors, 6 trucks, 6 combine harvesters, a typical repair shop for machinery repair, a garage for cars, warehouses - fuel and lubricants with mechanized refueling, spare parts, mineral fertilizers, feed, seed; storages of hay, haylage, silo.

Address: 213951, Kirovsky district, a / g Borovitsa
Tel +3752237 74 411