Bobruiskagromash has opened a factory to assemble agricultural machinery in Egypt

Bobruiskagromash has opened a factory to assemble agricultural machinery in Egypt.

The assembly factory was set up in Cairo at the premises of the Helwan Machinery and Equipment company that makes part of the National Organization for Military Production of Egypt. The establishment of the assembly factory is envisaged in the memorandum of understanding signed between the Belarusian enterprise and Helwan Machinery and Equipment in 2017.

At the presentation-seminar arranged with the help of the Belarusian embassy in Egypt, representatives of the Belarusian and Egyptian companies presented five jointly assembled machines. Those were rotary mowers, roll balers and machines for solid organic fertilizer application.

The Bobruiskagromash representatives held talks with top managers of Egyptian companies and organizations interested in purchasing these machines. They also told the attendees about plans to expand the joint venture, including by means of increasing its localization rate.

The Belarusian delegation held talks with the Egyptian Agriculture Development Company administration to discuss joint promotion of Belarusian machinery in various regions of Egypt.

The Management Company of the Bobruiskagromash Holding Company offers over 80 names of trailer-type and mounted machines for organic and mineral fertilizer application, forage distribution and conservation, flax harvesting, dump trailers for tractors of different drawbar categories, and other specialized agricultural machines. The company's machines are operated in nearly 50 countries worldwide.

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