Dealers Европа Казахстан Украина

UKH "Bobruiskagromash" was visited by the representative of the Brazilian side in the person of the commercial director of "Finardi Agro Machines" Jefferson Finardi. The company is the largest dealer of agricultural equipment in Brazil.
For more efficient  site promotion in web we changed its name to Sales and marketing departments e-mails also have been changed: - info@agromash.
We offer new variants of exports – financing exports letter of credit opened by foreign bank in order of  customer  in the bank’s seller favor. It’s meant for deferment of payment up to 1 year.
The visit took place according to official business program on the plant Minsk Tractor Works. During the meeting, a managing director of Bobruiskagromash Sergey Kazachionok has reported that the Holding was extremely interested in setting reliable trade and economic relations between Bobruiskagromash and East Africa companies, therefore the visit had great opportunities for both parties.