Semi-trailer for transportation of corncobs PPK-10

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Semi-trailer for transportation of corncobs PPK-10
Semi-trailer for transportation of corncobs PPK-10

Semi-trailer PPK-10 is designed for working in combination with a corn harvester as a storage tank for corncobs loaded into the body of the semitrailer from the harvester. Unloading of the semitrailer is carried out by turning the body, lifted along the inclined guides, around the horizontal axis and the load is reloaded into a nearby vehicle.

The semitrailer is made with a special telescopic drawbar in order to increase the possibilities of use, which allows with a minimum drawbar length to aggregate the semitrailer with a tractor and to perform the same functions of a storage-reloader.

The semitrailer is aggregated with a corn harvester based on the Belarus-1523 tractor, it can be aggregated with other wheeled tractors of traction class 2 or 3, equipped with a drawbar device TSU-2 or TSU-3V, outputs for connecting electrical equipment and a brake system.

Load carrying capacity, no more, t.
When working with a harvester
When working with a tractor
Capacity of the body, m3 10,0
Overall dimensions, m.:
- Length
- Width
- Height
Weight, t.
Transport speed, km/h
Loading height, no more, mm.
Drawbar category of the tractor
Drawbar device
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