4-bodied reversible semi-mounted plough POPG-4-40 with pneumohydraulic protection

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The plough POPG-4-40 is designed for smooth plowing of low stoned and medium stoned soils with specific resistance of up to 0,1 MPa (1,0 kg/cm2), plowing to a depth of up to 27 cm. The plough is equipped with semi-digger elongated bodies "KVERNLAND",

ploughshare and chisel manufactured by "Kvernland", blade and field board are correspondent to "Kvernland" completely. Advantages of "Kvernland bodies compared to other bodies: the presence of a turning ploughshare and field board, adjustable shoot (result achieved: the combing of plowing surface is reduced, plant and stubble residues are being completely processed, specific fuel consumption is essentially reduced).

Fully automatic system of automatic return to the initial position is unequalled when it comes to tillage of stoned soil. Hydraulic protection system allows quick and efficient release of bodies of plough upon encountering stones or other hard objects. This avoids unexpected shocks and possible damages. After overcoming obstacles, a plough body automatically returns to its initial position to the determined depth of ploughing. When encountering an obstacle, a body with beam rotates around a pin and oil displaced of hydraulic cylinder flows through oil pipe to pneumohydraulic accumulator, compresses gas and increases its potential energy. After passing an obstacle, reverse movement of plunger of hydraulic cylinder takes place under the effect of pressurized gas and body returns to its initial position.

The plough can be aggregated with tractors of 120-150 h/p (Belarus-1221, 1523). The construction of the plough ensures advantages of smooth ploughing (without formation of dump ridges and breakup furrows) and body construction provides flawless operation on stoned soils.

The plough is equipped with a half-screw elongated bodies of "OK Korpus" type with a half-screw dump-ploughshare surface serves for wrapping and crumbling the soil layer. The shoot is designed to improve processing of plant residues. It consists of a dump, bracket, mounting parts and can be installed in two positions depending on the height of the vegetation. The mechanism for regulation of the depth of plowing is used to set, adjust and maintain the depth of plowing during plow operation. Lowering or raising the wheel is carried out by rotating the screw handle. There are marks on the rack for the approximate installation of the depth of plowing by the position of the mark at the level of the upper edge of the holder.

Working width, m.
Maximum processing depth, cm.
Number of bodies, pcs.
Efficiency of shift time, ha/h
Overall dimensions, m:
- Length
- Width
- Height
Weight, mo more, kg.
Drawbar category of the tractor
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