Semi -trailer grass mowing and grinding machine KIR-1,5-02

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Semi -trailer grass mowing and grinding machine KIR-1,5-02
Semi -trailer grass mowing and grinding machine KIR-1,5-02

Semi-trailer grass-mowing and grinding machine KIR-1,5-02 is designed for harvesting of the grass for silage or direct feeding to animals. The machine can also be used for harvesting of potato tops.

The machine mowing the plants, grinds the mass and transports it to the trailer aggregated behind it, or to the transport going next to it.

The technological process of the machine operation is following: when the machine is moving, a guiding shield with opposing knives of the frame tilts the plants forward. The articulated knives of the drum, meeting the plant stems during their movement, mow them, grind and throw the crushed mass into the pipeline, consisting of a guide, adapter, trunk, from where, under the action of the air stream created by rotating the drum, the visor goes to the vehicle intended for collection of crushed mass.

Effective width, m.
Operating speed, km/h
Transport speed, km/h
Efficiency, t/h
Height of cut, mm.
Overall dimensions, mm.
Weight, kg.
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