Feeder PRSK-12 with loading mill

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Feeder PRSK-12 with loading mill
Feeder PRSK-12 with loading mill
Feeder PRSK-12 with loading mill

Feeder, mixer and loader PRSK-12 is designed for grinding and mixing of multicomponent feed mixtures (root crops, hay, haylage, mixed feed and other additives), transportation and distribution to feeders or feeding table of balanced feed. The machine is equipped with a loading mill designed to load grassy feed stored in silos and piles directly into the bunk, even from the lower parts of grassy feed. Moreover, layers compaction is preserved which doesn't allow mass aeration. For loading of other components (hay, straw, compound feed, green mass, root crops, etc.), it is necessary to use an autonomous loader. The loading mill is installed at the back side of the machine and the feed mass is loaded through the technological opening in the back side of the bunk. In addition to the mill itself, an autonomous hydraulic station is installed on the feed distributor, which is necessary to ensure the operation of additional loading equipment, a hydroficated back board and hydraulic equipment.

The feeder is equipped with an electronic device to control the amount of feed loaded. The working grinding device of the machine consists of two oppositely rotating augers with grinding knives, which are driven into rotation from the tractor PTO through a reduction gear and chain gears. Using a distributor-mixer allows to achieve the uniformity of multicomponent feed more than 85%, to reduce the unevenness of feed distribution along the length of the feed passage to 5-10% and the productivity of animals with the same feed increases by 12-15%. Experts recommend the following sequence of loading feed components into the feeder:

  1. Root crops;
  2. Mealy, pressed loose feeds;
  3. Hay, straw;
  4. Liquid feed components;
  5. Silo, haylage.

The composition and quantity of the feed ration is set by nutrition specialists depending on the type of production (milk or meat) and the biological cycle of animals. The process of grinding root crops is carried out until the number of particles larger than 15 mm. becomes less than 30% of the total. After loading the last component, the mixing process should last 5...7 minutes, until the mixture becomes uniform. When distributing feed, the unloading conveyor is turned on in the feeders and the gate of the conveyor unloading window opens, and when distributing to the feed table, the tray is tilted and the gate of the unloading tray window opens, bilateral unloading of the feed mass is also possible.

Bunker capacity, m3 12,0
Load-carrying capacity, t.
Overall dimensions, m:
- Length
- Width transport/working
- Height
Weight, t.
Time of mixing, min.
Unevenness of mixing, %
The dose of dispending feed, kg/min.
Drawbar category of the tractor
Drawbar device
TSU-2V +
hydroficated hook
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