New development in the list of products of Joint Stock Company "Bobruiskagromash"

In accordance to the suggestion of our foreign partner, this year development works were completed and as a result of these works the product line was supplemented with a new development - the liquid organic fertilizer applicator MJT-3 (hereinafter MJT-3, picture 1) with the next functions:

  • Self-loading, transportation and mechanized application of liquid organic fertilizers both gravitationally (by pouring) and by spill under the pressure;

  • Transportation of non-food and non-combustible liquids;

  • Accumulation and water supply during irrigation in gardening and vegetable growing;

  • performance of work in the public utilities sector (wetting of the road surface, local watering of trees, flower beds, lawns, etc.).

Picture 1 - the liquid organic fertilizer applicator MJT-3
Picture 1 - the liquid organic fertilizer applicator MJT-3

Based on the volume of the tank and overall dimensions, the usage of the MJT-3 is rational for works in the auxiliary production of large agricultural organizations, farms and households as it allows to significantly save labor costs in local production, as well as to perform quality maintenance and improvement works in households, rural and urban areas.

The developers of the MJT-3 under the leadership of the head of the design department of the center for scientific and technological development Zhvyrblevsky D. managed to optimize the design and its cost by combining the elements of acceptable manual maintenance with the functioning of highly efficient equipment, unification with systems and devices of serial production. At the same time, our technologists and manufacturers have developed rational technological processes for the manufacture of structure at existing production facilities.

It should be also noted that during creating of the MJT-3, the designers proceeded from the relevance of the development. They didn’t transfer the already known technical solutions and it was also proposed for the first time: anti-erosion coating of the inner surface of the tank; cast gateways with a manual control; cone-disk filling device; transverse partitions inside a small-capacity tank for damping waves appeared in the case of transportation with incomplete filling; plastic wheel chocks; container tube for the keeping of operational documentation; images of signs, symbols, inscriptions, schemes and logos on the sticky applications.

The MJT-3 is designed for aggregation with tractors with a capacity of 30-40 h/p. To drive a vacuum compressor it is enough to equip them with a power take-off shaft with a rotation speed of 540 min-1. The aggregation of the MJT-3 to the tractor is carried out through a hitch device such as a traditional shackle, a pneumatic outlet for connecting the brake system drive and a connector for external electrical equipment.

Due to the presence of a universal vacuum compressor, the MJT-3 machine can be filled in during 5-6 minutes from the depth of up to 2 meters from the supporting surface and at a speed of 6-12 km/h liquid organic fertilizers can be spread to a width of 4-6 meters.

Aggregated to a tractor, the MJT-3 is transported on public roads at a speed up to 25 km/h.