"Bobruiskagromash" signed an agreement on the delivery of agricultural machinery to Tajikistan for $ 400 thousand.

JSC "Holding management company" Bobruiskagromash "during the National Exhibition of Belarus in Tajikistan, which in those days was held in Dushanbe, signed a contract with the company" Agrotehservis "for the supply of agricultural machinery by $ 400 thousand. The company will supply partners 18 car-kits this year tipper tractor trailers 2PTS-4,5, which are assembled at a joint venture, as well as other equipment that is in demand by Tajikistan's agrarians. "

During the exhibition, also signed an agreement with the company "Agrotehservis" to expand the range of equipment produced by a joint assembly plant in Hissar, due mowers KDN-210 balers PT-165m and trailers 2PTS-6. Until now, dump tractor trailers 2PTS-4,5 were assembled. New agreements on cooperation would "Bobruiskagromash" gain a foothold in this market, increase exports to that country, as well as open new opportunities for the promotion of Bobruisk technology to third countries. "Visitors to the exhibition in Dushanbe" Bobruiskagromash "presented tipper trailers 2PTS-4, 5 joint Belarusian-Tajik production, as well as such modern equipment for farmers, as a disc mower, feeder, press-pickers.