Tipping semi-trailer PSTB-12

The tipping semi-trailer PSTB-12 with side unloading is designed for transportation of different agricultural loads, grain, root crops, organic fertilizers, building materials and other loads.
A distinctive feature of the PSTB series of trailers compared with the PST series is the side unloading of transported load.
Aggregated with a tractor of the 5 drawbar category and a trailer PSTB-17 it can work as a part of a tractor-train with total capacity of 29t.


 Load-carrying capacity, t 12,0
 Capacity of the body, m3 15,0
 Overall dimensions, m 
 - length 7,5
 - width 2,5
- height 2,75
 Weight, t 4,5
 Transport speed, km/h 25
 Tipping angle, degrees, not less 45
 Drawbar category of the tractor (MTZ) 2,0
 Drawbar device (MTZ)

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