Tipping semi-trailer PST-3,5

The tipping semi-trailer PST-3,5 with rear unloading is designed for transportation of different building materials, bitumen, concrete mixture and agricultural loads. The semi-trailer is aggregated with wheeled tractor of 0,6 drawbar category with drawbar device, output of the hydraulic system and socket for connection of electrical equipment.
It’s possible to use the semi-trailer in all soil-climatic zones except mountainous ones. The trailer has a single axle and block brakes. Optionally the semi-trailer can be equipped with additional sides.


 Load-carrying capacity, t 3,5
 Capacity of the body, m3 
-without additional sides
-with additional sides
 Weight, kg 900
 Overall dimensions, mm 
 - length 3700
 - width 1800
 - height
    -without additional sides 1500
    -with additional sides 2150
 Tipping angle, degrees 52
 Drawbar category of the tractor (MTZ) 0,6

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