Manure spreader MTU-15

The manure spreader MTU-15 is designed for transportation and overall surface application of solid organic fertilizers and with the spreading device off  it can be used for transportation of different agricultural loads with rear conveyor discharge. Spreading device can be mounted (on demand) in form of two vertical drums (augers) or two horizontal drums and two rotors (discs) Optional forage sides are provided for transportation of chopped grass and other loads with little weight by volume.

 Load-carrying capacity, t 15,0
 Loading height by sides, m 2,75
 Overall dimensions, m 
 - length 8,5
 - width 2,5
 - height 3,2
 Mass, t 5,8
 Application rate, t/ha 10…60
 Application width, m 8…12
 Capacity, t/h 100
 Tractor drawbar category (MTZ) 5,0
Tractor drawbar device  type (MTZ)TSU-2/TSU-2V (hydraulic hook /yoke)

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