Round baler PRF-110

The beltless round baler PRF-110 with fixed chamber is designed for picking up and pressing into rolls (windrows) natural and sown-grass hay, prewilted grass, straw and following twine wrapping. Bale density allows packing the bales into polymeric film. The version PR-F-110B is equipped with an automatic control system (SAC) that gives the possibility of monitoring the functioning of the baler mechanisms and remote control of technological process.

 Type  semi-trailer
 Bale dimensions, m 
 - diameter 1,1
 -length 1,2
 Bale mass, kg 
 - hay 120-200
 - straw 80-120
 - prewilted grass 280-340
 Operating speed, km/h 6-12
 Fuel consumption per 1t pressed mass, kg/t 0,2-0,5
Effective width, m1,45
Overall dimensions, m
- length4,0
- width2,3
- height2,1
Mass, t1,7
Tractor drawbar category (MTZ)0,9…1,4
Capacity, t/h3,2…4,5
 Tractor drawbar device type (MTZ) TSU-1G (clevis hitch)

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