Mounted disk mower KDN-210

The mower is designed for mowing and swathing natural and seeded grasses, including heavy-yielding and laid grass. The mower is applied in all areas, except mountain ones, on leveled meadows (hayfields) without stones protruding from the ground for more than 30 mm. The mower is aggregated with tractors of 0,9 and 1,4 drawbar category, equipped with three-pointed rear hitch system with PTO revolution rate 540 rpm.

 Operating devices 4 discs with two blades
 Effective width, m 2,1
 Overall dimensions, m 
 - length 1,5
 - width 3,6
 - height 1,4
 Mass, t 0,53
 Power consumption, kW 16…20
 Capacity, ha/h 0,95…2,85
 Tractor drawbar category (MTZ) 0,9…1,4
 Tractor hitching device type (MTZ) NU-3 (rear hitch)

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