Rotary rake GR-700P

It’s designed for raking grass, including pre-wilted and recently mown grass, from swaths into windrows, for tedding in swaths, turning, spreading and windrows doubling.
The rake has following advantages (compared with GVR-630): effective width was increased up to 7,3m; it gives possibility of forming one windrow from 14m in two “shuttle” passages; tedding capacity was increased by 18%, raking capacity – by 35,6%, windrows doubling capacity – by 70%; fuel consumption was reduced 1,2…1,4 times; it is possible to work with one rotor on rugged relief; it is possible to make one or two windrows in one passage.
Compared to the rake  GR-700 the rotary rake GR-700P has better maneuverability and provides better labour conditions for operator.


 Number of rotors 2
 Effective width, m 4,5…7,3
 Overall dimensions, m 
 - length 9,5
 - width 2,0
 - height 2,0
 Weight, t 1,77
 Operating speed, not exceed, km/h 12,0
 Efficiency, ha/h 5,4…8,7
 Drawbar category of the tractor (MTZ) 1,4
 Hitch device (MTZ) TSU-1G (clevis hitch)

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