Mixer-feeder SRV-8

The machine is designed for preparation (loosening, partial shredding and mixing) and distribution of components (green material, silage, haylage, loose and baled hay, liquid feed supplements) without self-loading device. It is equipped with an electronic system to weigh components of feed mixture. The machine has a vertical mixing auger.

 Bunker capacity, m3 12,0
 Load-carrying capacity, kg 3000
 Weight, kg 3900
 Overall dimensions, mm 
 - length 4400
 - transport width  2200
- working width2650
- height2650
 Transport speed, km/h 25
 Capacity, t/h 9
 Time for mixing, m 5…7
 Tractor drawbar category (MTZ) 1,4
 Tractor drawbar device  type (MTZ) TSU-3K(hook)

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