Forage bale shredder IRK-145

The forage bale shredder IGK-5 is designed for chopping forage and baled bedding material with possibility to discharge the chopped forage into trailers, feeders or other technological units as well as into feedboxes or to the feed table; the chopped bedding material can be discharged to the stable floor at loose-keeping farms. 


 Bale diameter, cm 150
 Completeness of material discharge, % 98
 Overall dimensions, m 
 - length 3,8
 - width 2,4
 - height 2,5
 Transport speed, km/h 25
 Power consumption, kW 50
 Weight percentage of 5cm particles, % 70
Efficiency, t/h
Drawbar category of the tractor (MTZ)
Drawbar device (MTZ)
TSU-2/TSU-2B (hydraulic hook/yoke)

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