Potato sorter PKSP-25

Potato sorter is designed for receiving product from self-unloading vehicles, separating from admixtures of soil and plant residues, dividing the potato tubers in three fractions (forage, seed and food), manual selection of tubers that are out of condition and loading them into containers or vehicles. Potato sorter consists of receiving hopper, entrance ramps, potato cleaner, calibrator, remote and unloading conveyors and control sensor for electric drive of working bodies, sorting table.

 Productive capacity per 1 hour, t  15
 The accuracy of the calibration on the fraction, % 90
 Site for the equipment, m 12x15
 Volume of the receiving hopper, m3 6
 Number of rollers of the potato cleaner 9
 Width of the active surface, m 1,6
 Inclination angle of the potato cleaner, grades 2…10
 Number of rollers of the calibrator 10
 Width of the calibration surface, m 1,5
 Inclination angle of the calibrator, grades -2…+2
 Number of the unloading conveyors 4

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