About us

We thank you for your interest to our company that is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the Commonwealth of Independent States and in Baltic States.  Open Joint-Stock Company "Bobruiskagromash" has been producing quality and reliable machinery for the agricultural sector for more than 30 years. Nowadays we has serial production of almost 70 types of trailer-type and mounted machines for organic and mineral fertilizer application, for forage conservation, storing and distribution, for flax harvesting, dump trailers for tractors of different drawbar categories, and other specialized agricultural machinery and weighing equipment.
Machinery of the "Bobruiskagromash" brand combines the newest tendencies in agricultural machinery development, correspondence to requirements of national operating conditions and moderate prices. All machinery and assembly units, produced by our enterprise, have national and international certificates. Under modern economic conditions the enterprise is constantly demonstrating a high level of competitive ability. We increase our production and widen the assortment and geography of deliveries, and also improve service base. We give serious consideration to high-efficiency resource and energy saving technologies in agricultural economy. 
Continuous development of our machinery design, improvement of management of technology and working process, increase of quality and reliability of our product are the main purposes of our work. A high-qualified team of designers, engineers and technical specialists, workers and managers are working for our enterprise. We are ready to meet the requirements of land owners in Belarus , Russia and other countries with our modern, reliable and high-productive machinery. We are sure that we will be able to solve your problems suggesting the optimum variant from a large range of agricultural machinery from “Bobruiskagromash”. 

General director

General director
of OJSC “Bobruiskagromash”                                                                                            A. Eremeev